From the 31st July the way to request and to book same day medical support at Ordsall Health surgery is changing.  

Currently patients are asked to telephone the practice reception team after 8:00 am in order to request a same day urgent medical issue appointment. Due to demand and a finite number of appointments being available each day, patients are sometimes left disappointed as they are unable to do so.

To improve this situation for the patient we will from this date require the patient, or their representative, to submit an online request form via our Practice website.

This will allow the patient to provide much more information for the GP, who will then review the request, and process it accordingly.  

This type of appointment request will usually result in one of the following for the patient:

  • a conversation via text message
  • a return telephone call
  • asked to come in for an appointment.
  • ask that waiting to see the patient’s usual GP would be appropriate
  • we might recommend that the patient’s needs will be best met by one of our wider medical team. 

We believe that this change will allow us to deal with patient’s urgent problems much more efficiently, by allowing the GP to prioritise the patients that are unwell, whilst also being able to give advice to many more patients than our current system allows us to do so.  

This change will also free up more of the GP’s time, that can be dedicated to routine, non-urgent appointments, meaning that the waiting time for routine appointment should be less than it is now.

We recognise that changes of this type can be very challenging for some patients, and we have tried to accommodate this.

  • If a patient does not have access to the internet or if the patient thinks that they will struggle to fill out the form, our reception team will be able to support them by guiding the patient through the process or in exceptional circumstances they will complete the form on their behalf.
  • Once we feel we cannot safely deal with any more urgent requests for medical help on the day, the form will be switched off until the following morning. If patients feel help is still needed after the form request option is switched off, our reception team will be able to deal with any further requests.

Non-urgent advice: Important

Please note that the routine Non-Urgent appointments will continue to be booked as usual by calling a member of the Reception Team on 0161 983 0080.  

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