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The ‘NHS is open’ campaign

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted on all our lives and has resulted in a sharp drop in people accessing NHS services for a range of conditions that are not related to coronavirus.

If you need medical help, we are still here for you.

The NHS is still very much up and running and it’s vital that we continue to look after our health and seek medical advice as soon as possible if, for example, you find a lump or have a mole you are concerned about. We’re working hard to respond to the coronavirus outbreak in Salford, while at the same time ensuring that essential services continue to operate. We’re holding many of our appointments via telephone or virtually, so you do not need to visit in person. Other safety measures in place include strict social distancing at our practice where possible and the use of personal protective equipment by our staff.

  • If you need medical help from your GP practice, contact us either online, by an app or by phone to be assessed
  • If you need urgent medical help, use the NHS 111 online service. If you cannot get help online, call 111
  • If it’s a serious or life-threatening emergency, call 999
  • If you are told to go to hospital it is important that you go to hospital
  • You should continue to attend your appointments, unless you have been told not to attend


  • You can order your repeat prescriptions on the NHS App and through your GP surgery or pharmacy’s online service, where available
  • If you need to collect a prescription and have coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating at home – please arrange for a friend, relative or volunteer to collect for you.
  • If you cannot collect and do not have someone who can collect for you, contact the Spirit of Salford helpline via 0800 952 1000 or www.salford.gov.uk/spiritofsalford
  • To help us to keep supplying medicines to everyone who needs them, please only order repeat prescriptions in your usual quantities at the usual time

Routine vaccinations

  • It is important that you or your baby or child still have routine vaccinations. They protect against serious and potentially deadly illnesses and stop outbreaks in the community
  • If the person needing vaccination has coronavirus symptoms or is self-isolating because someone in the household is displaying symptoms, please contact us for advice

Pregnant Women

  • If you are pregnant it is important that you still attend your antenatal appointments and continue to seek advice from your midwife or maternity team
  • If you are worried about your health or the health of your unborn baby, please contact your midwife or maternity team